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What Do Cycles Have to Do With Living the Rich Life?

Cycles are found throughout all facets of nature. The weather seasons, the changing of the moon, the tides, and even the seasons in a person's life demonstrate that cycles play a big part in life itself.

Our forebears were by necessity closely tied to the natural cycles. They were unable to farm in the winter months, hence that became their time of rest. The hardest work came during the times of planting and harvest. The sun was their clock. They got up with the sunrise and went to bed at sunset. (No lights remember.) Cycles dictated and directed their lives. They knew nothing about jet lag and other such anomalies.

Not so in today's society. We drive ourselves relentlessly to work, work, work, and seldom if ever take the needed time to rest. Sadly enough rest has somehow become equated with laziness. This means the individual with the aggressive personality, the one who is striving to become successful, finds it extremely difficult to allow himself to slow down, let alone stop to rest and refresh.

Reading this you may be thinking that most everyone sooner or later takes a vacation. That may be true, but is it a time of genuine rest? (Ever come home from a vacation feeling more spent than when you left?)

I like to encourage people to retrain their emotions, bodies, and minds to ebb and flow in regular cycles. In my own life, I have created a cycle of working on my more difficult challenging projects three weeks out of the month. I then set aside the fourth week for working on more restful, more creative projects.

Others I know create a system of days rather than weeks. You can set up four days when the harder, more intense work is taken care of. Then there are the days when you are in preparation for the intense work days. Add into this mix one free day where no work is done for a 24-hour period. This day presents the perfect opportunity to relax, reflect and recharge.

Introducing a pattern of cycles, (one that incorporates true rest) works to energize and enrich the mind, spirit and body. If you've been overlooking the importance of cycles in your life, take the time today to discover (or rediscover) how valuable life cycles can be in living your rich life.