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Six Highlights on Louis Vuitton 2009 Fall & Winter Women's Ready

Marc Jacobs once said "I was thinking about the good old days in New York, when getting dressed up was such a joy." His indulgence on 80s'style is irresistibly embodies on the Louis Vuitton 2009 Fall&Winter Women's Ready-To-Wear Collection. The coquettish figure and free style of New Yorker women are the inheritances from the LV 2009 Spring&Summer

No.1 Burning Monogram?

At first glance, I thought it was an inferior product leaking incautiously from Louis Vuitton. But when I had a closer look, it turned out that embedded on Monogram are several paillettes with the same pattern which induced the irregular layers of shadow. What a splendid joke from the designer after the LV Joke Bag!

No.2 The striking scarlet in the dark

It's unbearable to wear either totally black or fully glittering in the dull winter days. Don't worry. LV has already come up with an idea. Bright colors are added on the dark clothes to create a remarkable effect. Hot pink and glow blue-the iconic color in 80s-shine your whole body and make the background black and the bright colors more contrasting which activates the gloomy colors in fall and winter.

No.3 Ubiquitous Drapes

Seriously, they are everywhere. At least two-third of looks in this collection feature a large area of drapes and the rest one-third are detailed with ruffles on the corners. That's why the show is so cute and vivid.

No.4 Oversize

Ok, I have to admit that oversize is not for everyone. But we should have a little bit of expectations to get away from the routine. It will save a lot of trouble for designers if we can only wear used garments. Silhouette is obviously valued in recent seasons. Wearing an oversize coat can also exude elegance, plus chic.

No.5 Super High Boots

Downwardly extending to the dramatically high heel, now the sky is the limit for shoes. The super high boots in this season have an unimaginable height which will have to be marked not only the size of the shoes but also the height of wearer. It looks fierce yet sexy pairing with a mini-skirt.

No.6 Luxury Chain Bracelet

Jewelry edges out as much as the ready-to-wear line. The most splendid piece is the pearl necklace and bracelet shaped like bicycle chain.