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Not Sure If You Can Balance Being a Realtor & Having a Realtor C

Is the question hanging over your head? Could you really balance starting a real estate agent coaching company while you continue to manage the responsibilities of being a Realtor yourself? Finding a way to balance all of the important aspects of your life can be challenging without the additional responsibilities of a new venture. So how do you decide what is truly feasible for you, and what is out of the question? Often we look to those around us and compare what they are doing to see if what we considering is reasonable. Sometimes it can create a helpful benchmark, but be careful you may accidentally sell yourself short.

Remember the saying, "One mans heaven is another man's hell." The truth is you are the only one who can decide what you are capable of and where your short term and long-term priorities lie. Below are some questions to ask yourself that might help you gain some clarity.

1. Is having the freedom to work when, where and how you want important to you?

2. Do you enjoy challenging yourself?

3. Are you happiest (at work) when you are learning and growing?

4. Do you enjoy being in a leadership role?

5. Would you like to have something that would inspire you to be an even better Realtor?

6. Would you like the option to completely or partially phase out of your Realtor career for something more flexible?

7. Are you comfortable with being challenged by your peers?

8. Do you enjoy starting new projects and seeing them through to their fruition?

9. What would your ideal income be 5 years from now?

10. Can you achieve that income goal on your current course of action?

Honestly answering those questions should give you a better idea if being a Realtor mentor is something that you would enjoy and find rewarding.

Thankfully due to the advancements in technology you can easily coach real estate agents all over the country without ever leaving town. You can build simple inexpensive tutorials with text, audio and video that will put you "in the room" with your real estate agent while you are spending time with family. Most importantly you can coach thousands of Realtors just as easy as helping out a few.