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Glitter Ed Hardy Shoes For Women - High Rise, Low Rise and Beach

Even though Ed Hardy women's apparel leaves nothing to be desired in terms of impinging designs and super-powered fashion, Glitter Ed Hardy shoes take this trend just one step further!  If you're looking to add a bit of glitz to your Ed Hardy collection, one of these styles might be right up your alley:

High Rise Glitter - These sneakers are the most popular among the Ed Hardy styles with glitter, and in fact when looking for the "glitter shoes" one might automatically think of these.  The High Rise with glitter is available in several different colors - of course all having that added touch that makes them stand apart in a crowd even more!  All of the High Rise designs that I was able to find were the "no laces" style - more typically worn without the lace-up look even though the eyelets are there in case one wants to change her mind.

Low Rise Glitter - These have the "Chucks" slip-on look - no laces but eyelets, similar to the high rise.  They are available in a few different colors and prints, each having the glitter up the eyelets top area of the shoe.  For those who prefer a "low top" look and also love bold and colorful fashion, these shoes might be just the ticket.

Beachcomber Flip Flops - Now here's an interesting twist on a flip flop thong sandal!  The Beachcomber flip flops are not only the most popular among the Ed Hardy Flip Flop sandals lineup, they also have a bit of glitter to set them apart from the rest.  My personal favorite in this set is the black sandal with purple upper - the footbed of the shoe bearing the famous "Love Kills Slowly" print.

For those ladies who like to add some serious glitz to their casual wardrobe, any of these Glitter Ed Hardy shoes might be exactly what you're looking for!