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Thursday 22 August, 2019 | RSS Feed

The Best Mother-Son Wedding Songs Ever Written

Planning a wedding and a reception dance can take up a lot of energy. Choosing the most suitable songs for your dance is an issue that many brides and grooms struggle with. On one hand, it might be straight forward to simply let the DJ pick the music for you, but if you do that, you really have no control over what each individual tune might be.

Picking the songs for your special dances, including your mother son wedding songs, is an important way of making your reception the best it can possibly be. You might have a good idea of the number of special dances you would like to do, and if you've also got an idea of what tunes to use for instance, mother son wedding songs, you'll have an even easier time planning.

There are many suitable songs that can be mother son wedding songs. It is most important to think about the general topic of the songs, and then make a selection from there. The majority of songs that are intended for dancing have themes that are more love themes, such as love between two people and hence, they might not fit with the mother and son theme. However, with a little searching, you can discover awesome mother son wedding songs that have the right connotation and the right lyrics.

Some songs, like "Through the Years", by Kenny Rogers, make perfect mother son wedding songs, even if the lyrics are about a husband and wife type love relationship. The words are meaningful for a mother and son, as well.

Other tunes, like the Beatles "In My Life" have more to do with the people in your life which you love, and so might work very well for a mother song wedding dance. You can also go the much more classic route, with a song like "Amazing Grace": done by just about musical act, or another piece that is an instrumental.

When looking at mother son wedding songs, it is vital to think about the main situation."Through the Years" is a excellent song because it talks about how the singer has loved the person he is singing to no matter what happens, no matter how much time has passed, and also that it is the singer's first love. This is true for all boys and the first woman that they really love is their mom. With "In My Life", the concept is that in the life of the singer, there has never been anyone else that the singer has adored more.

Remember that mothers are going to be quite emotional about giving up their son to another woman. This is going to be a vital thing to consider when choosing your song. If you can find one that talks about this or about the unconditional love that mothers give, you are going to be able to really think of a good idea for a tune, and a great strategy to harness the love that exists between a mom and her child.

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